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How MPULL helps the education industry

MPULL provides tertiary, online and private institutions with the marketing CRM tools and CX strategies they need to attract new students for skills development and nurture full, lasting customer confidence.

Key Challenges We Solve

Attracting new students

From proven paid media conversion across all ad platforms to calculated content assets and conversion-optimised website design, our solutions generate learner interest that converts into higher enrolment.

Turn enquiries into enrolments

CRM-integration with your systems enables the tracking of each enquiry, as well as where prospective students are in the lifetime cycle. With this knowledge, MPULL’s creative and strategy specialists will deliver relevant messaging to nudge them down the sales pipeline for higher enrolments.

Websites that convert

We design and develop UX-enhanced, intuitive websites that convert learners into new students. Our ongoing support and powerful in-house integration skills ensure your website comes fitted with the latest CRM technology and content that adapts to a user's buying stage, so no lead falls through the cracks.

Thought leadership

Peer recognition is something prospective students look for when deciding on an institution. Our creative team has a background in education — including eLearning — and specialises in creating content that can position you as an authority in a specific field of expertise.

Course promotion

With paid media expertise and creative collateral that talks to your audience’s current mindset, we can ensure your curriculum gets noticed by the right people.

Staff onboarding

We leave nothing to chance, and our marketing specialists are always on hand to give your team the ongoing support they need to familiarise themselves with new technology and CRM platforms that drive your educational or enrolment campaigns.

Cross-sell and upsell programs

Up-to-date contact information helps you re-engage past students to promote new courses and cross-sell short courses. Through relevant, personalised communications, we create trust so that you can offer recommendations to those who are highly receptive to new educational opportunities.

Find out what led Owen Mbundu, Head of Marketing at the University of Stellenbosch Business School, to say “A serendipitous encounter, sound strategy and amazing results. Now a growing partnership!”

Okay, enough
with the comparisons!

Here’s what makes us uniquely MPULL:

We’ve been around since 2012 (take that, Mayans!)
We can provide a truly global solution – with local expertise and points of contact
We pioneered the agency-to-agency model
We favour HubSpot, but have plenty of experience with other technologies
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