We’ve developed content offers that’ll be the cornerstones of top quality, ready-to-go content marketing campaigns that are conversion-driven and fully customisable.

Let’s face it: creating campaigns for your agency is labour intensive and time consuming, and the resources in your agency are better used working on revenue-generating campaigns for your customers.

In the MPULL Campaign Marketplace, you can select an easy-to-edit eBook conversion asset and use it as the basis on which to build a campaign to generate leads for your business, agency or your client's businesses. All the eBooks are in Word doc. format, so it’s easy to insert your business’ details and branding.

If you also want super professional design, strategic blogging, sparkling lead nurturing copy or other supporting services, we’ve got that covered too. Just tick the appropriate boxes in the purchase request form of the conversion asset, and we’ll get right on that.

Click on the links below to download a view-only .pdf version of the content or to purchase an eBook.

Lead Management

This eBook explains how inbound and content marketing, together with marketing automation, can attract and convert the right leads into happy customers.



Content Marketing

Effective marketing is all about connection and conversation. This eBook will show you how to do content marketing right, and grow businesses that people want to buy from. 



Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the new religion, and this eBook is its bible. To market effectively today, you only need to invite potential customers into your world.