Why I work at a digital marketing agency

I never saw myself working at a digital marketing agency.

It’s true: since my early teens, I was convinced I’d turn out to be a (ahem, Nobel Prize-winning) novelist. I saw myself living out on a remote farm somewhere, holed up in a rustic writing shed, drinking tea and conjuring up wonderful fantasy worlds where it was all swords, horses and matters of honour.

Who knows, maybe that will still be me someday. But right now, I’m a copywriter at a digital marketing agency. Besides the fact that I do actually write for a living, my job is pretty far removed from the lofty ideas of ‘making art’ that my younger self held dear. After all, when you get down to it, I write copy to (gasp!) sell stuff. Pretty unromantic. What happened?

On my more existential days, I often ask myself how I ended up writing for an inbound marketing agency – and, more fundamentally – why I’m so damn happy doing it.

So, here’s why I spend my days helping MPULL provide digital marketing services:


It’s fun

Terry Pratchett famously said that “Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.” In my opinion, he wasn’t wrong. Admittedly, writing can sometimes feel like pure drudgery. When everything you put on the page sounds utterly crap and every keystroke feels like having a fingernail extracted.

But when the ideas are there and the words are willing, there’s no better feeling in the world. In fact, writing something good has about the same effect on me as this cake is having on these kids.

Not surprisingly, this doesn’t just apply to creative writing. Turns out it’s true for writing blogs and web copy too. Throw in a few strategy brainstorming sessions, the challenge of seamlessly weaving in things like keywords, calls-to-action and product links and the pleasure of seeing your work doing its thing out there on the interwebs, and this whole marketing shebang isn’t a half bad way to spend a day.


It’s an ongoing (free) education

Want to understand something inside out? Write about it. You can’t write convincing copy if you don’t understand your subject. To stand out from the morass of crappy content clogging up the internet, digital marketing agencies need to produce quality content. Fluff is easy to spot and will not fly in this game.

The marketing world is an interesting, diverse and ever-changing industry to be in; there’s no excuse to stagnate and there’s always something new to learn. Writing for both direct clients and partner agencies – mainly about marketing itself – for the past two years has equated to a pretty potent education, and one that I’m deeply grateful for.


I love my team’s culture

When I first saw Doug Kessler’s brilliant SlideShare, The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing, I was particularly struck by one of the ways he says he finds meaning in B2B marketing. I realised straight away that it’s also part of why I enjoy working at this digital marketing agency.

He says the following: “I love working alongside talented, engaged, positive people who also love what they do.”

Have you ever worked in a shitty office environment? If you have, you’ll know how soul destroying it can be to rock up each day to face negative, unhappy people who can’t stand their jobs. But when your team is highly motivated, good at what they do and – most importantly – they actually enjoy it? Your bum’s firmly in the butter. It’s much easier to give it your all when your teammates are giving it their all too.

For me, working with a team of people I genuinely like and respect makes ‘work’ feel less like ‘work’ and more like ‘play’. Now, if that isn’t the point of it all, I don’t know what is.

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Author: Leanne Farish

Original Image Credit: greendots.co.in