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Using Trello as an agency project management tool


Partnering with an agency and outsourcing digital marketing can be the most beneficial thing you ever do for your marketing strategy. It allows you to spend time on the things you’re really good at – whilst keeping clients happy – and is the smartest way to scale your agency. Your partner agency’s resources can give you greater oversight and control. Read on to learn how.

Your agency deserves the best.

As your business is your baby and deserves the absolute best from you, you need to keep in mind that you cannot outsource to just any agency out there.It’s obvious that the agency should specialise in the area of work that you are outsourcing to them and that they should be the right fit for your company. But also consider this: is the agency you are outsourcing to efficient enough to handle your delivery dates? Do they have tried and tested processes in place to ensure the work you are outsourcing to them gets handled and delivered not only on time but also by the correct people and in the right manner? And most importantly, does it get tracked, and will you be able to get an update other than “It is in progress and will be delivered shortly”?

Change is nothing to be scared of.

Much to the chagrin of most of the Mpullians, we at MPULL have changed our processes a few times in order to find the perfect fit for our culture and working environment, making sure our processes are thoroughly tried, tested and perfected. We have fine-tuned everything we do and offer. We have adapted the format of our reports several times in order to get the most valuable information. And we have even recently gotten a decent coffee machine to motivate the early risers to come in early in search of their favorite creativity fuel.

A project management tool simplifies everything.

Probably the smartest adaption MPULL has ever undergone was switching over to a great project management tool. There are many popular tools for project management out there, such as AsanaSmartsheet and Basecamp. For us at MPULL, there is no better project management tool, than Trello. This easy-to-use project management tool not only makes our internal processes easier, but also gives us the opportunity to add clients or partners onto the Trello board for specific projects. The partner agency or client can easily follow the progress of the task and ask questions if it is stalling in a particular stage.

Trello even offers a degradation functionality that shows “aging” of a task if there has been no recent activity on it. This feature enables partners to easily identify steps where the project is lagging and enables greater accountability from the agency you are outsourcing to.

Because Trello is flexible and allows you to define your own workflows, this project management tool can be adapted to accommodate any specific steps that need to be included in order to deliver the best work to the client. If you are outsourcing content to an agency and you would like input in the briefing stage, we simply add a column titled “Client Briefing” and tag you each time your attention is required. The wonderful thing about Trello is that it only notifies you by email of actions that require your attention. If you prefer not to be bothered by the nitty gritty, you won’t be, unless you open it up to check on the progress of a project.

Your agency still deserves the best!

Regardless of whether your agency or marketing department is new to outsourcing or has been outsourcing work to other agencies for years, it’s time you thought about how the internal processes of the agency that you are outsourcing to affects your business. Make sure you are partnering with an agency with a tried, tested and perfectly adapted project management tool. It not only makes their job easier but also means that your average day will involve simply monitoring the project management tool instead of constantly sending emails to follow up on progress.

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Author: Estee Schroeder


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