Using growth driven website design to grow your agency retainers

Website design has evolved quite a bit since the days of static web pages with nothing more than text, images and maybe a GIF or two adorning them. In fact, website design has probably changed faster in the last few years than it has in all the years preceding it.

How agencies and brands work together has also changed. Now, you can grow your agency retainers by offering growth driven website design. If you’re wondering how this works, and where marketing BPO outsourcing comes in, read on

Expensive once-off website redesigns are costly and have become almost obsolete in today’s fast-paced online space.

The changing pace of the internet – and indeed our lives – and the evolution of inbound marketing has brought about a need for a change in the way websites are designed and maintained. Back in the days of MySpace, any website you designed would have been good to go for years. This has shrunk down to six months (would you trust the information on a website that was last updated in 2014?). The problem is, website overhauls are labour intensive, and even more so if you’re doing them every year.

That’s why growth driven website design has become a thing. Growth driven website design is a bit like building that ideal gym body – it needs consistent and ongoing work. A solitary workout once a year just won’t do it. Website design is now a case of regularly reassessing and tweaking your site. This system is far superior to the old days of yearly or bi-yearly overhauls that created websites that aren’t optimised for working inbound marketing magic.

Growth design agency retainers are the perfect symbiotic relationship between a client and an agency.

As you can imagine, a quarterly website audit that re-evaluates landing pages, exit pages, heatmaps, calls to action, conversion paths and SEO rankings, plus the implementation of necessary changes to the brand’s products, services and positioning, is a pretty substantial task. This is why brands in need of website redesign opt for agency retainers that give them a set amount of changes every month. It allows them to build and develop an ongoing relationship with the guys working their design magic on their website. The brand benefits from having a team of dedicated designers continually improving their website, and the agency they outsource to benefits from the steady stream of income, which helps them grow their agency.

Catch-22: To increase your agency retainers, you need to do the thing you can’t afford – hire more people.

So, as an agency, you’ve got a couple of retainers. But the retainers might only cover enough to justify employing a third of a developer and half a designer. The catch is, you can’t grow the number of agency retainers – to afford employing more people – without employing more people! So, what’s the solution? Marketing BPO services (essentially, outsourcing the agency retainer website design work you’d do for your clients) allows you to grow as an agency and still keep a margin on your client retainers, but without needing to employ talented designers and developers. Trust me, those guys and gals aren’t easy to come by! Then, once you’ve grown the number of retainers and are making enough income, you can expand your in-house team while still outsourcing the ‘slack’.

If you think growing your agency through outsourcing growth driven website design could work for you, download our guide: Effectively Scale your Digital Agency - Outsourcing and Offshoring Your Digital Marketing.