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MPULL welcomes another member – say hello to Rebecca Johnson

Another day, another new employee! I suppose that’s agency life for you, but we aren’t complaining. At MPULL, we are lucky enough to regularly welcome new members from across the globe to our team. Our newest recruit, Rebecca Johnson, joins us as a senior consultant in sunny Miami, Florida.

With our fast expanding relationships with American agencies and their clients, Rebecca will be a valuable part in establishing and nurturing these relationships as our in-country point of contact. She will also help provide insights into the American market and help us to hit the mark when it comes to cultural nuance and our messaging.

Let’s get to know Rebecca:

Lauren: Tell me a little bit more about yourself and your background before joining MPULL.

Rebecca: I just spent the last six months as a volunteer working alongside medical volunteers at refugee camps in Greece. Before that, I have been living in Miami Beach for 15 years working on various campaigns and projects for non-profit organisations and elected officials.

L: What was your role when working with NPOs and officials?

R: I worked as a part of the fundraising team.


L: If you’ve only been living in Miami for 15 years, where are you originally from?

R: I’m originally from San Diego, California.


L: What qualifications have you obtained?

R: I majored in American History and did my undergrad at UCC Santa Barbara and attended graduate school at Boston University.


L: What activities do you take part in outside of work?

R: I’m a runner. I take part in marathons and half-marathons.


L: So I assume the Two Oceans in Cape Town is on your running bucket list?

R: I’m dying to! I’m definitely keen to come over and take part next year.


L: There is an incredible vibe after the race with massive celebrations, but I don’t run I just provide support from the sidelines.

R: That’s really great.  You know, crowd support is very important.


L: Aside from running, do you have any other interests such a reading or music?

R: I love reading and read on a wide range of topics.


L: Is history perhaps your favourite topic to read on?

R: I actually take a break from the history subject when I read. What I really do love to read are biographies. I’m about to start with the biography of Cleopatra.


L: If you could pick one – and I’m sure there are many – but what would you say is your favourite book?

R: I would have to say Isabel Allende’s The House of Spirits.


L: Do you listen to any specific genres of music?

R: I’m not a huge music fan, but I do love to dance and that’s why I worked at the Miami City Ballet.


L: Did you study ballet professionally?

R: I actually never did but I will go and see any dance performance. I don’t care what it is – I just love dance!


L: Any other exciting hobbies we should know about?

R: Well, I’m also a certified sommelier. Drinking wine is definitely a hobby.


L: What are some of your favourite wines? Local American, or perhaps South African wines?

R: The first step in appreciating a wine is in knowing if you like old world or new world wines. And I do prefer new world wines so that would be regions like South Africa.


L: Then you definitely need to come and explore Cape Town!

R: Oh absolutely, I’d love to.


L: What are some of your objectives in your new role at MPULL?

R: With a background in politics, I have seen the power of communication and storytelling.


L: As you’ll be assisting us with the cultural nuances of the American market, what are some of the challenges in reaching this audience?

R: In Miami specifically you’re dealing with a bilingual multicultural consumer base and the challenge then lies in communicating across languages and cultural experiences. Businesses must do this in order to survive.


L: How do we then adapt to this market?

R: At the end of the day everyone wants the same thing and that’s to reach customers and do business with clients who appreciate their services.


L: As a local, can you provide some insights into the American consumer market?

R: As there are so many people across the country there are just as many marketing messages trying to target them. So it all comes down to breaking through that clutter and truly connecting with consumers on a personal level.

Thanks for chatting to us Rebecca! We hope you enjoy settling into your new role.


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