HubSpot has a new agency grader: Here’s why you should care

The guys (and girls) at HubSpot have brought out a new agency grader. Yep, the gods of inbound marketing and sales software have revamped their agency grader tool to make it even more insightful and useful for agencies like you.

In the past, you may have already done some form of benchmarking to see how your agency is doing compared to your competitors. But were you actually able to glean enough value from the exercise to bring about any measurable growth? If not, read on.

Let’s take a quick look at the new agency grader from HubSpot, why you need it and what you can do once you see how you measure up to other agencies.

The practice of benchmarking originated at the circus.

The term benchmarking might have become synonymous with management jargon and the corporate world, but the practice originated at the start of the twentieth century when the German army looked to an American circus for how best to move their troops and everything else that came with them. A few years later, Henry Ford looked to how slaughterhouses transported their products by suspension railway as inspiration for how to transport his vehicles. The new agency grader from HubSpot can do for your agency what an American circus did for the German army pre-World War 1 — and then some.

Without growth, your agency doesn’t stand a chance.

Growth, if it doesn’t already, should form the core of your agency’s mindset and activities. Without growth, your agency will not only stagnate financially and creatively, but your superstar employees will too. Knowing which areas of your agency need work to kick start this growth can be tricky. After all, you might think when it comes to copywriting you’re doing just fine, when in reality you might need a helping hand.

The best type of benchmarking is based on a solid base of data.

This is why using an agency grader, like HubSpot’s, based on such a solid body of data is so important. It takes away the guesswork and determines the areas that will encourage growth in your agency based on what other agencies like yours are doing. True, you could approach each of your competitors and find out how they manage their finances, workforce and sales processes, but why would you when you can take HubSpot’s new agency grader test in a matter of minutes and be presented with a tailor-made diagnosis for free?

Find out which areas your agency needs to work on using the agency grader.

HubSpot has gathered data from over 500 marketing agencies of all sizes to create their agency grader. When taking the test, you’re quizzed about six key areas: strategy, service delivery, sales, marketing, human resources and finance. After taking the test, the grader compares your data to that of agencies similar in size and function. Your scores are compared to the benchmarks so you can quickly see which areas need a bit of polish. Have a read of HubSpot’s blog for more details about their agency grader — or head straight to the test.

Sometimes the best way to grow is to outsource the right activities.

Where to from here? Once you know how you rank compared to other agencies, and you know where you need to start focusing your growth efforts, you can get down to the business of expanding your agency. That said, sometimes the best way to grow your agency is by outsourcing those key activities, like marketing or content creation, so that you can focus on the areas you really excel at.

If you’d like to find out more about HubSpot outsourcing, download our guide, Effectively Scale your Digital Agency - Outsourcing and Offshoring Your Digital Marketing.

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