How to help your agency’s clients prospect their new clients

The best way to get your clients new clients is to mimic what you just did to get here – you had a need, you turned to Google, you searched, and found this article.

In this article I’m going to tell you exactly how to make it easy for your client’s prospective customers to find the client’s website by outsourcing this to an inbound marketing agency.

Advertising and cold calling is outdated – it assumes your target audience is ready to buy

The old ways of finding new clients – whether for you or your clients – involved doing things such as advertising or cold calling. But this assumes that the person who sees your ad or receives your call is actually in the market to buy your product or service right now. A better – and more innovative – way of finding new clients is to focus on being found by someone who is already interested in your market, online.

Converting visitors to customers boils down to basic maths

Sales and marketing is a numbers games – only a small percentage of potential customers become actual customers. This same principle applies to your client’s website. You need to get as much traffic to the website as possible, as only a small percentage of these web visitors will become new clients. The more visitors, the more potential customers. It’s basic maths.

There’s no such thing as a free boost in traffic

So your next question might logically be, can I get traffic for free? There are tools out there that offer traffic for free, but you really don’t want to use them as they could result in your clients’ sites being blacklisted by search engines. This would be very harmful to the very businesses you are trying to grow. Also, if traffic were free, then everyone would be doing it and your clients would not be found. Getting organic traffic to a website requires a bit more work than simply buying it.

So, how can I get more traffic to my website?

Search engines love consistent new content on websites, so you need to make sure your clients are publishing several new pieces of content a week that cover a broad range of topics that their customers would search for. In order to protect the people who use search engines from ‘fly-by-night’ businesses, it takes several months before content is listed in search results. Finding more customers using inbound marketing might not be an overnight tactic, but it is a highly effective strategy. All that’s required is a lot of patience.

How to find new clients for your clients

Having a lot of anonymous traffic on a website is of no use to anyone. You may have created fantastic content that is helping your clients’ potential customers research their need and find a solution, but then they end up buying from competitors anyway. On a website there needs to be strong calls to action that encourage anonymous website visitors to take action and become leads or customers.

Africa might be behind the curve, but that doesn’t mean we should act as if we are

The inbound marketing approach might sound like something that’s leaps and bounds ahead of the curve, that only businesses in Europe or the States can profit from it – but that isn’t true. Maybe this misconception is the excuse most of our South African companies are using to dedicate huge budgets towards traditional marketing, which is neither measurable or accountable.

Inbound marketing can definitely work in Africa, but only if all content, including your website, can be accessed easily and quickly from a mobile feature phone, as opposed to just from a smartphone – as a huge number of people still only have basic mobile phones.

Creating excellent content that delivers real ROI is a full-time job

You’re busy, and thinking up ideas for new content for your many clients is time consuming, never mind actually writing it – this is an excellent reason to outsource to an inbound marketing agency such as MPULL. We create and manage your client’s content plan, and create and manage a conversion strategy to ensure that those anonymous visitors become leads and then customers.

For more information about what it’s like working with MPULL to deliver fantastic content strategies, download our guide: Effectively Scale your Digital Agency - Outsourcing and Offshoring Your Digital Marketing.