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Five characteristics of a killer client pitch

Client pitches are essentially the bread and butter of any digital marketing agency. The ability to win pitches is key to growing your business, and without them your digital marketing agency wouldn’t even exist. In my blog today, we look at some of the core areas where pitches are won and lost, and how to deliver a killer client pitch that will help your agency grow.

1. Address the problem or opportunity at hand

It’s in our nature to try to sell everything. However, the reason for a pitch is usually a specific problem or opportunity. Comments like “ no-one shows up to appointments” or “we are launching a new product” are specific requests for an agency’s help. Tailor your pitch to address these needs and these needs only. Cross-selling can come later. Each pitch should be solutions-based; back this up with numbers and examples.

2. Be Emotional

No, this doesn’t mean break down in tears. Deliver your pitch with emotion. Tie it back to real life examples, and try to leave your audience with goosebumps. Don Draper did exactly that in this pitch in Mad Men. He delivers this solutions driven emotional pitch that leaves his audience in awe.

The sheer power of emotion and the tie to reality can a refreshing break from the constant sales-driven numbers game. These pitches stand out, and when there are five other agencies pitching for the same business, you need to stand out and be remembered.

3. Be Agile

Clients will always ask questions during and after your pitch. The ability to be agile is incredibly important as highlighted here by Harvey Spector in the popular TV series suits:

Harvey: "What are your choices when someone puts a gun to your head?"

Mike: "You do what they say or they shoot you?"

Harvey: "Wrong. You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty six other things. If you can’t think for yourself, maybe you’re not cut out for this.”

The person who delivers your client pitch needs to have an understanding of the client’s problem or opportunity and be prepared to answers questions on the fly. An ability to think on their feet is very important for a successful pitch. Remember, the pitch isn’t only about the actual presentation; it’s also about the questions and how you answer them.

4. Don’t Sell

You’re asked to make a pitch because a client has problem. Don’t promote yourself; provide a solution. By all means, use numbers and examples to back up your story, but don’t sell. Focus on delivering real value to their organisation. The added value they get from your client pitch is ultimately what their decision will be based on.

5.  Be Clear

Everyone who listens should understand your pitch. Avoid ambiguity. A high school teacher once told me that during a public speech even your grandmother should be able to understand what you say, no matter how technical.

Clarity will leave the client with a clear idea of your plan; this is very important. The simpler and less cluttered, the better.

Don’t pitch what you can’t execute.

Finally, it’s important to say only what you can do. Overpromising may win you business initially, but you will have a retention headache that even Harvey Spector can’t fix.

If you keep your word, you will keep a client for a long time. Outsourcing your work to a digital marketing agency can be a highly effective way for you to implement what you have pitched and more. Go beyond what the client expects, and you will make an evangelist of your client. If you want to find out more about outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, download our guide below.

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Author: Devin Ross


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