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content marketing, content strategy

Campaigns no longer cut it: Why we should stop creating things with a finite shelf life.

“A campaign is a planned set of activities that people carry out over a period of time in order to achieve something such as social or political change over a specific time period.”Sounds about right, right? The issue I...

Marketing Statistics

Eye-Opening Statistics Marketers Need to Be Aware Of

Marketing statistics have always intrigued me. They provide some level of validation for the question we’re always trying to answer: what, where, how, and when do we try to weave our brands into the lives of our target...


Considered Purchase Journey

“Considered purchase" products and why I love the marketing behind them

“A considered purchase is characterised by a complex buying decision with a high degree of financial and/or emotional risk and reward. This process requires meaningful investigation and comparison by key decision makers...


Digital marketing, customer experience

Trends driving the widespread uptake of Marketing Technology in South Africa and abroad


Marketing, sales and customer service are in the middle of a revolution. The walls between marketing, sales, IT, support, service are crashing down, and the customer is driving the change. 

marketing automation.jpg

What brands are getting wrong with marketing automation and how to fix it

Marketing automation has changed marketing for the better in many ways, including allowing marketing teams to generate better leads, decrease lead conversion time and increase revenue.


What is your agency doing for employee health? [Q&A]


An interview with the owner of Posture On Point gives us insight into work and employee health in the technology industry.

inbound marketing

How to combat the global inbound marketing skills shortage

Truly talented marketers are scarce. Digital marketing experts? Even more so. Inbound marketing is still a relatively new practice, and to add to the problem, it’s an industry that’s evolving at an exponential rate. As...

Make sure you get your pricing, and as a result, marketing profit margin right.

inbound marketing

Do you know what your marketing profit margin's sweet spot should be?

If the first phrase that comes to mind after hearing “marketing profit margin” is “as much as possible”, hold up. While we’d all love to be the marketing industry’s equivalent of Bill Gates (who’s on the fast-track to...


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