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customer experience, Company Culture

What Can A Company Leave To Chance?

When I started brainstorming this post, I tried to make a list of all the things companies leave to chance. But even after some thought and reflection, the page was almost entirely blank!


The conclusion I eventually...

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Conversational Marketing

‘Always On’ Conversational Marketing: Who’s got time for ‘Please Leave Your Message at The Beep’?

In the era of customer-centricity, who’s got time to wait around for office hours or for someone to reply to an email? We’re living in the age of right now. And businesses who don’t provide near-instant communications...


Marketing Teams, Bots, AI, MarTech

Building a Marketing Team In the Age of Bots, AI and Bleeding-Edge Tech

The marketing landscape is in flux. In an industry that’s accelerating towards all-out automation, marketers are having to adopt an ‘adapt or die’ attitude to keep up with the changing trends and innumerable MarTech...

Expanding your Retail Business into eCommerce___

eCommerce, retail

Unleashing your eCommerce empire — where to start & what to do

As far as retail goes, eCommerce is the new frontier: replete with opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers and move product like never before. It’s a veritable wonderland for retailers that’s cutting out...


CRM, Marketing Automation, Real Estate

Real estate is embracing CRM and marketing automation

The real estate industry is going through a period of rejuvenation at the moment. We have experienced an increase in enquiries from estate agents, and property management companies that have operated in a fairly ...


customer experience, customer happiness

Customer happiness squared equals growth to infinity

This past weekend was my 20-year school reunion and so a maths equation in the title seemed fitting! But there’s a deeper point to it: the more you make your existing customers happy, the more your business will grow....



How Bots Have Replaced Forms For Increased Conversion

Have you noticed that forms or landing pages on your website are not being filled in as much as before? Think about it: instead of filling out the ‘contact us’ form, sending an email to the info@ address, or calling...



Mpull is a Diamond HubSpot Agency Partner!

October 2018 has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. And while the nightly news might paint a pretty grim picture, it’s important to remember that good things are happening on a daily basis. For instance — and you’ll...


Integration, Development

Meet Sideclick, Mpull’s new development and integration partner

In every successful partnership, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the case with Mpull’s new partnership with Sideclick, Cape Town-based development and integration...


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