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Does your video content align with your inbound marketing strategy?


Many agencies understand the importance of video marketing, but is your organisation taking the right approach? Your agency might be thinking about issues such as hiring a freelancer or a video production company.


But here’s something to think about: do they understand how video fits into your overall inbound strategy? Is there a content producer that can create high-quality content and implement it in such a way that it cohesively fits into your inbound approach?

When creating video content that aligns with your marketing strategy, the content producer needs to be aware of the three stages of the buyer’s journey, and which types of video are best suited for each stage.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each stage and the types of video you can use:


The first stage is about growing the customer’s interest in your product.

The challenge or desire becomes apparent, and the customer starts to search around the subject. The best types of videos for this stage of the buyer’s journey include branded and educational videos. The purpose of these videos is to educate or entertain and generate awareness.


The second stage is about gathering information.

At this point in the buyer’s journey, the customer has a better idea of their problem or challenge and continues their research into their potential options. The best types of videos for this stage of the buyer’s journey are explainer videos. These are short educational videos which are aimed entirely at educating the viewer about your product.


The third stage is all about finalising their decision.

They’ve gathered a number of options, and know exactly how this product can help them overcome their challenge or fulfil their desire, but they want to know why they should choose your brand. The best types of videos for this stage of the buyer’s journey are video testimonials and videos about the inner workings of the company. These videos are aimed at developing trust between the customer and your organisation.

MPULL specialises in inbound marketing that delivers results, but we don’t only focus on developing your inbound strategy. We are also a multimedia content creator that produces video content.

Our unique position as an inbound marketing agency and content creator means we have a much better understanding of how to create inbound video content that fits into your customer’s journey. Contact MPULL today to find out more information about the inbound video services we offer.


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