Understanding a Company’s Culture Could Land You the Job

Posted by Dean Shuttleworth on 24 April 2017

Choosing a company to work for is not easy. Making yourself less stressed should be your primary focus, this is achieved through doing your due diligence. If you are looking to work for a digital marketing agency, then a must-do for the interview is remembering the principle of the five "P's" - proper preparation prevents poor performance!  

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What’s your agency’s biggest challenge?

Posted by Álvaro Peláez on 05 April 2017

Running an agency isn’t child’s play. Like any business, it comes with a list of challenges – and they seem to be getting tougher every year. Clients’ problems are getting more complex, profit margins are shrinking, and workloads seem to be increasing.

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The most common keyword selection mistake agencies make.

Posted by Shane Punt on 29 March 2017

In a world awash with ‘How to crack SEO’ guides, blogs, and webinars, you would think that most marketing agencies have keyword selection figured out. From my experience, this isn’t the case at all.

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How to combat the global inbound marketing skills shortage

Posted by Devin Ross on 23 March 2017

Truly talented marketers are scarce. Digital marketing experts? Even more so. Inbound marketing is still a relatively new practice, and to add to the problem, it’s an industry that’s evolving at an exponential rate. As a result, the knowledge and skills gap between inbound experts and marketing newbies continues to widen.

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Why going agile may be the best thing your marketing agency ever does

Posted by Nikita Scott on 15 March 2017

Click on any digital marketing-related blog today and you’re bound to see the word ‘agile’ crop up.‘Going agile’ has been heralded as the ultimate way to refine internal processes, evolve your offering alongside consumer demands, increase your customer retention rates and ultimately, strengthen your agency positioning. Marketing buzzwords – more often than not – aren’t worth the hype. I’m of the opinion that agile marketing, however, is.

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Why reporting and analytics are central to your agency’s success

Posted by Shane Punt on 08 March 2017

Inbound marketing owes much of its efficacy to data-driven insights and decisions.The way to gather this data? Via reporting and analytics. Unfortunately, these are often thought of as the least glamorous marketing task, and as a result, left to the last minute, or worse – done in such a hurry that there’s no time to put meaning to the numbers.

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Why your agency pricing should align with your B players

Posted by Jess Gamble on 01 March 2017

Your agency staff is made up of myriad employees, each at varying skill levels. There are the super-star A players, the ones who ‘get’ it and deliver great quality work in a short period of time. And they can do this without breaking a sweat. Then there are the B players, fresh recruits or junior staff members who’re still learning the ropes and take a little more time and guidance to complete a task. Whether due to a lack of confidence, experience, or both, they tend to take longer to finish a task than their A player counterparts. Why is this important, you may ask?

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Ask these questions to ensure new hires are a perfect cultural fit:

Posted by Dean Shuttleworth on 22 February 2017

What makes one new employee a seamless addition to the team, but makes another stick out like a sore thumb? The answer: the je ne sais quois, can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it, “I’ll know it when I see it” all-important cultural fit. After all, your company doesn’t comprise a team of robots (or not yet, anyway). We know the importance of choosing candidates who’re a great cultural fit all too well. In fact, we place equal importance one establishing whether someone embodies the values and ethos of our inbound marketing agency as we do on their knowledge and skills.  

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How MPULL can assist in pricing and packaging your offering and HubSpot related services

Posted by Nikita Scott on 16 February 2017

Let’s get right down to it. The reason we exist is to help agencies grow. How do we do this? By offering strategic advice and inbound marketing services to enable HubSpot partner agencies to flourish. We’ve written before about how succeeding in the inbound (and wider marketing) industry relies heavily on your ability to finesse your pricing and packaging.

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Learn how to price and package your inbound marketing & HubSpot related services
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