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MPULL is a leading B2B marketing agency working in Africa.

We fine-tune marketing strategies to make them run smoother, generate more leads and close more deals. We champion accountability, local content, consumer-centric marketing and great marketing ideas.

Here's How
We create your inbound strategy

We think long-term and make sure there are no holes.

Awareness generation.

We switch on the right content marketing channels.


We continually fill the top of your sales funnel with quality leads.

Generate Leads
Nurture Leads

We guide leads down a personal path to purchase.


We hand you quality leads, resulting in more sales.

Close more deals.

Brands we work with

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A product marketing horror story

Posted by Daryn Smith on 30 October 2014 | Comments

What’s scarier than a knife-wielding psychopath prank calling you from somewhere inside your own house? If you ask me, botched product marketing campaigns – and the millions of Rands they can end up costing your company – give me a worse case of the heebie-jeebies than the gruesome climax of any hackneyed old horror story.